Who benefits from Electrically Assisted Pedal Bikes?
Commuters - Who like to cycle, yet arrive fresh at work by using assisted power, and burn off energy cycling on the home run.
Leisure Users - Who aim to cover greater distances and explore the countryside with ease.
About Town Travel - With cycle lanes and cycle paths, users have more travel route options, and for some journeys, travel could be quicker than by car.
Health & Fitness   An electric bike offers a healthy alternative to a car journey, and improves the pace and distance of a cycle.
Local Shoppers - Leave the car at home, save effort fighting for a parking space.
Tackling Hills   For a steep climb, power assistance can keeps the rider on the bicycle.
Knee Joint Sufferers   Where pedalling is not easy an electric bike takes the strain.
Keen Environmentalists - Electric bikes keep urban pollution to a minimum.
Older People - Who love cycling and value the extra energy that electric cycles give.
Economy Users - No Licence, No insurance, No MOT and No worries over petrol prices.
No Driving Licence - Due to age, ill-health, or a ban, an electric bike will get you back on the road.

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